Chef Jerome Dihui’s unique cooking style grew out of his intimate connection to the ingredients of his childhood in Côte d’Ivoire . The vegetables and meats available to him were organic and local, usually eaten in the same communities that the food was harvested and butchered, a value that Chef Jerom e maintains in his kitchen to this day.

After attending culinary school in Côte d’Ivoire where Jerome learned traditional French cooking techniques, he became the private chef for a UN Ambassador. Working with the UN, he lived in Paris before landi ng in New York in 2004, where he worked at Patis Restaurant for the next 10 years, ultimately becoming Chef de Cuisine.

Chef Jerome runs his kitchen with discipline, dedication and patience, while serving guests as if they were in his own home. His cooking style unifies his value for high-quality ingredients and more then 20 years of experience in traditional French technique, bringing us an array of authentic and classic dishes to Boucherie.

Dominick PEPE


Staring on intently for hours next to his Italian grandmother carefully preparing fresh pasta, Dominick was mesmerized by the dedication and love she put into the family meal. While studying for a degree in hospitality, Dominick worked at a family restaurant in Florida where his passion for the kitchen grew, and became clear that he wanted to pursue the life of a chef.

Moving to NYC in 2012 to take a sous chef position at Italian trattoria Olio e Piu, he quickly rose to preside as Executive Chef. In 2015 he opened Dominique Bistro, building the menu and kitchen from the ground up, bringing to life his true vision for the intimate French bistro.

In 2016 Chef Dominick has worked with Chef Jerome Dihui to build the menu for Boucherie restaurant. In line with his traditional culinary training, Chef Dominique prefers the classic approach, yet as a young chef he is inspired by new ingredients and plating styles. With a passion for information, and an insatiable reading habit, he is constantly expanding his culinary perspective, always striving to provide happiness for those who eat at his restaurants.